Street Photography – Eric Kim Workshop

I attended an Eric Kim workshop last Saturday. I attend a lot of workshops even when I cover some of the same ground there is always something new to learn and great people to meet. I had intended to write some philosophical street photography musings based on the workshop, but when I looked at my notes, all just keywords and short sentences, I thought that’s it.

Street Photography workshop – 50 tips from Eric Kim

1. Smile

Happy Lady

SMILE – LOOK HAPPY – (click image to buy)

2. Look Happy

3. Capture the essence of people

4. Opportunities are all around

5. Jump in

6. Work fast

7. Have courage

8.  Take risks

9. Tell stories


tell stories


10. Pick the moment

11. Take candid photographs

12. Interact with Environment

13. Forget about Kit

14. Get Passionate

15. Capture the human condition

16. Open your Eyes

17. Look up

Look Up - Brighton Pride

Look Up – Brighton Pride – (click image to buy)

18. Look Down

brighton naked bike ride - looking down - (click image to buy)

brighton naked bike ride – looking down – (click image to buy)

19. Use your Lunchtime

20. Notice the unnoticed

21. Be bold

22. People love having their picture taken!

23. The doubts are in your Mind

24. Forget what others think

25. The more you do it, the less awkward it will be

26. Creepiness is proportionate to focal length…

27. Get close

Pug Brighton Pride Dog Show - GET CLOSE - (click image to buy)


28. Shoot wide

Crawford Market, vegetable market, Mumbai, India

SHOOT WIDE – Crawford Market- Mumbai – (click image to buy)

29. Be invisible

30. Try P mode

31. Use a small camera

32. See beauty in the mundane

shoreditch london street


33. Relax

34. See things form different angles

35. Small aperture – Fast Shutter

36. Faster or equal to 250th sec

37. Turn off Image Stabilization

38. Experiment

39. Always have a camera with you

40. Look for Juxtaposition…

41. Capture relationships between people or things

42. You only need a handful of good photos…

43. Be easy on yourself

44. Look for signs and objects that interact

45. Get your timing right

46. Practise

47. Wait for the moment…

48. Grab the shot

49. Look for texture and shadow

50. Have Fun

If you liked this you’ll love Eric’s 100 things I have learned about photography.

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