Brighton Pride in Black and White

This post  is a bit random. I’ve been trying out lots of different social networks and portfolio sites. Some of them provide a beautiful interface to display your work. I set up a Behance account not long ago. I haven’t really worked out how to use it to market my work yet, although I admit I haven’t given it much time. My first project “Brighton Pride in Black and White” displays quite beautifully as a stream of images.

One thing this illustrates is the importance of creating themes and sets, organising your images where ever you post them. This is something I have been quite poor at so far, so I’ve got a lot of cleaning up to do, better to remember to do it as you go along. Collections of well selected images on a theme look much better than stand alone images.

I’ve taken a screen shot and I’ll post it on Pinterest where long images look great (see my photography board). Fist I needed an excuse to post it on the website so I have somewhere to pin it from! So here it is.

Brighton Pride in Black and White

Renaissance Photography Competition

This image was one of four images chosen as a winner and finalists in the people category for the Renaissance Photography Prize 2010.

brighton pride

Fish chips and Mushy Peas – Please click to buy this image

It’s called Fish Chips and Mushy Peas.  I had to move Manula nearer to the fish and chips sign to get this image. She is just giving me a telling off for my cheekiness!

Although it didn’t win first prize in the category, it was used on all the publicity posters and flyers, was in the times newspaper and it was fun to go to the celebrity gala and see my image in the exhibition. the image did sell on the night raising even more for the charity.

The Renaissance Photography competition raised  over £40,000 for The Lavender Trust at Breast Cancer Care. Incidentally this image is of Barry Love AKA Manula Bang Bang, who was sponsored by Marks and Spencers to wear this dress for Brighton Pride 2008, she told me this on flickr when she first saw the image, so that’s twice this dress managed to help breast cancer causes, a lovely coincidence,