Head Firrst Acrobats, Brighton Fringe City

One to One Photography Training

I offer one to one tuition for a one-day photography course for £250 per day. This is for a local course but will travel for additional mileage costs and/or accommodation. I also have a guest room to rent for those further afield.

Head Firrst Acrobats, Brighton Fringe City

Head First Acrobats, Brighton Fringe City

After a briefing on what we are going to be looking for we’ll get you out taking images, thinking about and recognising opportunities as they arise. After the shoot we’ll sit down and go through some of your best. As this is a one to one, we can focus on what you wish to get out of the course.

If you are interested fill in the contact form and I’ll answer any questions or we can sort out a date.

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  1. David Thomson
    David Thomson says:

    Hi Heather
    I am looking for a creative course as a present for my twin brother’s 60th (it was in April) – something to inspire him. He is a self employed consultant. Studied at Art College, works in design arena but never gets to do personal creative work except in one area – his instagram photography, see mbtuk1 and I am wondering of you have any slots in June, July for a 1 day one-to-one with him? He would need to sort out a date directly (he travels quite a lot) but I could present him with your website link as the present – and I will take care of payment of course. Look forward to hearing from you. He lives in London so Brighton is easy. Best wishes,

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