Is Photoshop Good or Bad for Photography?

Some people claim that Photoshop is destroying the art of photography. There is so much information out there on improving your shots with Photoshop that we do seem to be encouraged not to worry about learning good camera techniques but simply learn how to ‘fix it’ in Photoshop. In a way Photoshop allows you to skip some of the key techniques that can improve your camera skills in favour of […]

Using Back Lighting Creatively in Photography

Back lighting can be tricky to master, but when you think about it logically and decide what you want to use it for and what the possibilities are you can get some beautiful or moody effects using back lighting. Well when all the light is behind and therefore around the image (this is usually a very large area of the image) the camera will decide on the exposure taking all […]

Renaissance Photography Competition

This image was one of four images chosen as a winner and finalists in the people category for the Renaissance Photography Prize 2010. It’s called Fish Chips and Mushy Peas.  I had to move Manula nearer to the fish and chips sign to get this image. She is just giving me a telling off for my cheekiness! Although it didn’t win first prize in the category, it was used on […]