Capture the Colour

This Competition caught my eye – Capture the Colour. At first it seemed like hard work to enter. You have to write a blog post with your 5 colour themed entries in. You need to  nominate and link to 5 photographers whom you think might like to participate, and there has to be a link to the competition on your post. Finally you have to tweet or FB message the sponsors – travelsupermarket to let them […]

Marketing for photography in a social revolution

Everything changes. Technology advances at lightning speed changing the way we live and communicate. The art of photography has been irrevocably changed. There are the obvious changes in the way we capture and process images, and then there are the ways in which we view and share images. When I was a darkroom photographer, I would dodge and burn and print. The only way that I could get my images […]

Simple On Camera Flash Guide

If you get confused every time someone tries to explain balancing flash with ambient light in manual flash mode, don’t worry there is an easy alternative.  You can get brilliant fill-flash results using automatic flash and still have control! What is Fill Flash? Fill flash is usually used to light your subject in situations where the background is too bright and your main subject will be too dark without flash.  […]

What Digital Camera – My Camera – Micro Four-Thirds

I was asked if I would like to have my images published in “What Digital Camera” magazine. I told them I have a 1DS, and two micro four thirds camera the Panasonic  GF1 and GH2. They responded by saying that the micro four thirds models were probably of more interest to their readers. Oh dear I thought, I only use my micro for days out, family, walking the dog and short breaks. All of my ‘serious photography’ […]

Farewell Kodak – Tribute to George Eastman inventor of the roll film

It’s sad to hear that Kodak is preparing to file for bankruptcy. It really does mark the end of an era for me. I used to use Kodak film. It was inevitable really as digital photography and now mobile photography has been sweeping the world relegating film photography to the realms of the silver print enthusiast or toy camera retro fan. Synonymous with the phrase the “Kodak moment”, the company […]

Street Photography – Eric Kim Workshop

I attended an Eric Kim workshop last Saturday. I attend a lot of workshops even when I cover some of the same ground there is always something new to learn and great people to meet. I had intended to write some philosophical street photography musings based on the workshop, but when I looked at my notes, all just keywords and short sentences, I thought that’s it. Street Photography workshop – […]

Real or Photoshopped? Who gives a ****?

I’ve been uploading some of my images from a recent trip to Iceland. Now the landscape in Iceland looks pretty unreal, and I might be quite well known for a little fiddling with my photos! So I surprised myself when I started getting a little erked when asked: Q: Was that rainbow really there? A: Er yes! Q: Was the snow really blue? A: It’s not snow it’s ice and […]

Lomo Kev and Using Flickr for Photographers

Great night at the camera club last night. Kevin Meredith AKA Lomo Kev talked us through his impressive photography achievements from the early days of flickr to the publication of his books.  52 Photographic Projects and Hot Shots: How to Refresh Your Photos and of his upcoming publication Toy Cameras which I’m looking forward to. Using Flickr as a platform to publicise your work is a must in the array […]

Using Photoshop with Exposure bracketing

With the new trend for High Dynamic Range (HDR) images, it is becoming quite popular to bracket your exposures. In my experience though not everything looks great with exposure spread evenly throughout the image making it look highly unnatural and often quite fussy. Unnatural I can cope with but I sometimes long for some moody areas of blackness, or even the occasional burnt out mass of white. When I used […]

Using Fill Flash for Portraits and Events

There are many tutorials on this subject, I know, I have read most of them! Still I have always found it tricky fiddling with the camera and flash settings at events like the Brighton Zombie Walk, when all I’m interested in is capturing all of those split second moments or getting people to pose for a second and not wait while I fiddle! Brighton Zombie Walk 2010 For all the […]