Branding for Photographers

The word “Brand” will mean many different things to many people. Some will think about logos, stationary and colours. Some will think about mission statements, style, public relations and public perception. Most will think about business and corporations like Nike and Coke. The brilliant thing about the web now is some of the strongest brands are now people themselves. Using nothing more than your website, content and the social web, […]

Will artificial intelligence supersede human intelligence by 2045?

As humans we are very good at solving one problem to create another, we get so excited by a possibility that we blind ourselves to any possible negative outcomes. “We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us” Often attributed to Marshall McLuhan but actually written by his friend Father John Culkin Professor of Communication at Fordham University in New York Technology is now being developed […]

Photography, the Internet, Writing, Social Media and Me

Life was simpler before the Internet. Exchanges made and relationships built depended on whom you met, phoned or wrote to. Research was done in a library, travelling, talking and experimenting. You bought in shops or catalogues. Photographers marketed themselves in print, the yellow pages, and word of mouth. Photo libraries consisted of slides and negatives. There were fewer photographers then. The affordable digital SLR changed everything. Semi Pro’s rose up […]

SEO for Images using Robin on Ivy

This post started as a little experiment in SEO for images, it’s ended up more of a post about illegal image use, but you’ll understand the purpose of it by the end, I think!. Using this image of a robin in my garden, as it’s nearly Christmas), I have optimised the title, filename and content of the post  to include the words Robin on Ivy in an attempt to get […]

Google Plus and Photography – Chasing your themes

Some people don’t get on with Google+. They don’t see the point of it and find it harder to engage with people than when using Facebook or Twitter. Google+ is more about communities than friends, there are many strong communities and very influential individuals that you could use to your advantage in marketing. The trick with google+ is to post only your very best images on a regular basis and […]

Brighton Pride in Black and White

This post  is a bit random. I’ve been trying out lots of different social networks and portfolio sites. Some of them provide a beautiful interface to display your work. I set up a Behance account not long ago. I haven’t really worked out how to use it to market my work yet, although I admit I haven’t given it much time. My first project “Brighton Pride in Black and White” displays quite beautifully as […]

Photographers Guide to Pinterest

It took me a while to get used to Pinterest. As with all social networks, we discover  how we wish to interact with it and with others by playing and using. We learn by seeing what works and what doesn’t, whether our end goals are social, commercial, creative or all three.   Whilst I’m sure there is a lot yet to learn and discover, I’m sharing with you what I consider to be the best […]

Trey Ratcliff, Miss Aniela, Paris and the seduction of surrealism

Just over two weeks ago I visited Château de Champlâtreux, just outside Paris, an imposing example of French architecture built around 1750. An appropriately dramatic setting for the Midnight Workshop with Miss Aniela and Trey Ratcliff. Much of the building is unoccupied and left to collect the dust and cobwebs that veil a chaotic heap of antique relics, chairs, taxidermy, sculptures and paintings. Silk curtains ripped, tattered and draped over tall windows, […]

Taking pictures of Lewes Bonfire Night

I recently resurrected a post on Lewes bonfire night photography. One of my photo friends pointed out that the Lightroom info was out of date. When I reread the post I realised that my hit rate for nights such as these has improved since then! So I’m updating this post to include extra bits and pieces that you may find useful on the night. Of course using a tripod is the usual […]

Brighton Zombie Walk – Beach of the Dead Photography

The Beach of the Dead is approaching. An event that creates infinite opportunities for fun, colourful and eye popping images. I’m best known for my event photography and each time I write a post after the event I always think that it would be more useful to post advice BEFORE the event. I remembered this time. Here’s my “getting the best out of Brighton Zombie Walk” post for photographers. It’s […]