Irish Travellers Brighton Photo Fringe Exhibition 2016

The Brighton Photo Fringe as part of the Brighton Photo Biennial is nearly upon us. I’ll be exhibiting much of my work from the last two years travelling to Ireland. There will be sound, stories, text, large graphics and a set of twenty beautiful salt prints. To register you interest please indicate on FaceBook 🙂 See the exhibition write up by Phil Coombes Head of Photography at the BBC, BBC […]

One to One Photography Training

I offer one to one tuition for a one-day photography course for £250 per day. This is for a local course but will travel for additional mileage costs and/or accommodation. I also have a guest room to rent for those further afield. After a briefing on what we are going to be looking for we’ll get you out taking images, thinking about and recognising opportunities as they arise. After the […]

Festival and Event Photography Workshop

My interest in people photography began when I started taking images of the varied Brighton outdoor events and festivals. After my first event, I uploaded all of my images to Flickr and noticed a marked surge in activity on my account. People were searching for the images and I discovered that if my images were different or unusual they would fly to the top of flickr search for images of […]

British Life Awards and the stories behind the images

I always advocate taking the time to enter some awards, if you win there is usually quite a lot of exposure that goes with it. Many ask an entry fee, so you need to be choosy. Go for ones that get lots of publicity, that way you get more than just a prize, you get yourself out there which is good. Some of those who notice you may become your followers […]

Can you make money out of street photography?

Simple answer, you can but it’s probably the hardest photography genre to make money at. I take street images because I love it, I could make a lot more by doing weddings, product or studio work. It’s the love of it that keeps me going, if it were the income I’d have given up years ago. Most street photographers have jobs that sustain them; street photography is what they do […]

Being Human in a Digital World

Until recently I had been in charge of digital marketing for a business since the beginning of the Internet. I’ve seen many changes in the ways we use online tools to promote a business. It all moves along so fast it barley gives you time to stop and think about what you are doing. Now I am primarily a photographer, I need to apply some of what I’ve learned over the […]

What Makes Me Click by a Brighton Photographer

I love making images. Sometimes the process of photography starts with a concept or idea which I plan and create. Though the sweetest moments for me are those when real life presents a moment when everything falls into place. I LOVE wide angle photography and the way it distorts reality. I get in really close necessitating the need to communicate with my subjects. A wide angle lens adds drama to an image, sometimes it […]

Street Photography Workshop in Brighton

The next Street Photography course on Saturday 17th January 2015 has sold out, but I have another on 7th March 2015 (would make a great Christmas present). I’ve created a voucher that can be given as a gift. I’ve been taking pictures on the streets of Brighton for years. People are my thing, whether candid or street portraits, although sometimes just colours, lines or strong compositions are enough to catch my […]

Winning Photography Competitions

I know Iv’e been tweeting, facebooking and google plussing like a trojan about my recent win. My apologies but I do have another reason other than being chuffed to bits. Entering competitions, and winning them is great for your profile as a photographer.  It gets your images seen by new people, not just your followers and friends. It gives you something to talk about on your blog and social networks. It […]

Social Media Engagement and Influence for Photographers

More musings to share about marketing for photographers as I write more chapters of the book Marketing for Photographers (a work in progress). “Social Media marketing is all about engagement” You’ll hear these words over and over until you’re blue in the face. It’s obvious isn’t it? The clue is in the phrase “SOCIAL media”. Many articles are written on the subject as if it’s a revelation, without really giving […]