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  1. Derek King
    Derek King says:

    I use photoshop to get the best out of my raw files and scanned negs. It’s perfectly acceptable to tweak images in an analogue darkroom, so I just see photoshop as a less messy alternative without the trial and error. I think it’s good discipline to compose in camera and avoid cropping, as it makes it more considered – you can’t change your camera position in photoshop! I do like the hands-on darkroom experience too, just don’t have anywhere to do it right now.

  2. James.H
    James.H says:

    It’s always difficult to tell whether an image has been manipulated. However, site Photoshop Killer makes things easy. By submit an image URL you can see if the image has been altered. Altered image will get a red flag while original image gets a white flag.

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